Information Technology Staffing Services

The need to implement new technology that will bring your company products and services to new markets quickly and efficiently will be greater than ever. TekStaff’s aim is to help our clients meet the Information Technology challenges of changing global markets and is committed to building a productive and effective professional alliance with our clients. We provide the most comprehensive technical expertise to ensure complete customer satisfaction on a contract, contract for hire or direct hire basis. We understand the requirements of leading edge technologies, and we continually pursue highly trained professionals in a variety of technical environments.


  • Chief Information Officer

    I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job TekStaff did for our new website. The professionalism, technical expertise, and ability to get things done on time makes TekStaff one of the most outstanding firms I have ever had the pleasure of working with. TekStaff interaction with our clients and internal staff led directly to the success of the project, and also to the excellent perception of our entire department.

  • Senior Manager of Programming Services

    TekStaff has provided a high-level of support by partnering with the technical and functional implementation teams that built confidence and assurance. During the difficult periods of the implementation, TekStaff consultant maintained his composure and provided critical guidance to implementation team members. I highly recommend TekStaff on future endeavors, whatever they may be.


Supplemental Staffing Services

Global Economies present many new challenges for CIO’s, CTO’s and their Information Technology departments. The demand to implement new technology to help businesses become more competitive will be greater...
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ERP Staffing

TekStaff delivers integrated staffing solutions to facilitate company-wide information systems covering technical, functional, and operational areas. TekStaff ERP staffing solutions focus on customer relationship management, supply chain management, financial...
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Networking and Desktop Staffing

TekStaff can assist you in mapping technology solutions to your current business needs, select the most suitable and effective elements from the array of current and emerging technologies, and...
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E-Business Staffing

What is E-business? E-Business is much more than Internet retailing. E-Business is about using Internet and related technology to transform core business processes into a new way of reaching...
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Project Management Staffing

TekStaff offers a full spectrum of technology and staffing services. As demand grows for new competitive technologies, We can provide assistance with professionals who join technical expertise with business...
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Service Solutions Structure

TekStaff’s team is comprised of three individuals: Account Representative, Account Executive, and Account Partner. The Account Representative‚Äôs role is to funnel information between the client, the project team and...
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